Slide Job Posting Packages You Post It and rest will fall into place!!! Job Posting Packages are the best way to get the Candidate's attention which will lead to more candidates applying for Job without reaching to them...

Services to Recruiters

  • We post your Job Openings in our website which has frequent traffic of Finance proafessionals actively looking for Jobs.
  • Once the Job is posted and the candidates apply to it you can contact them over mail and communicates with them for further proceedings.
  • We also share Job opening to our personalised Whatsapp network which gets immediate traction so that we can provide further details to Candidates.
  • Based on the Skill Set requirement we send the job details to the relevant candidates in our database which helps to get immediate attention for Job.
  • In addition to sending in Whatsapp we will also share the Job details in all public platforms with a reach of around 25K Candidates.
  • We help you by creating a beautiful Job poster which highlights the important details of the Job for better reach of the Opening.
  • Highlight the Job opening at the top of our website which gives immediate and special attention for the candidates to apply for the open position.
  • We also provide exclusive services to do the initial screening for a list of candidates to reduce your time in finding the right candidate.

Our Job Posting Packages

  • Basic

    89945 Days
    • 1 Job Posting in Website
    • No Sharing in Whatsapp
    • No Advertising of Job
    • No Mails to Job Candidates
    • No Initial Screening
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  • Standard

    149960 Days
    • 1 Job Posting in Website
    • Job Sharing in Whatsapp
    • No Mails to Relevant Candidates
    • No Advertising in All Platforms
    • No Initial Screening
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  • Premium

    249990 Days
    • 1 Job Posting in Website
    • Sharing in Whatsapp
    • Advertise in all Social Platforms
    • Mail Details to Relevant Candidates
    • No Initial Screening
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  • Featured

    3999120 Days
    • Highlight Job as Featured
    • Design a Job Vacancy Poster
    • Advertise in All Social platforms
    • Mail Details to Relevant Candidates
    • Initial Screening of Candidates
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Job Posting Packages Service Details

List of Services Basic Standard Premium Featured
Job Posting in Website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contact Applied Candidates over Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes
Job Details Sharing in Whatsapp No Yes Yes Yes
Email Job Details to Relevant Candidates No No Yes Yes
Job sharing in All Public Platforms No No Yes Yes
Create Job Poster highlighting the Job Details No No Yes Yes
Featured Job(Appear Job Details on the top of Website) No No No Yes
Initial Screening of Candidates(Limited to 50 Candidates) No No No Yes